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Everybody in the art circle agrees that although Yuriko was born in Japan. Her heart belongs to India. In the past 12 years or so, she has not only mastered Hindi; she has harmonizes herself to the cultural climate of her new home. So, her word has frequent references to Indian philosophy and myth, and in a way that’s impossible without a deep appreciation of the Indian way of life. And yet, you only have to stand before her work to see the harmonious blend of these with Japanese aesthetic. The paper is Japanese Shikishi, and the paint is good old watercolor. The colors – be they rich gold, sublime blue or vibrant red – are used to evoke a serenity that springs from Yuriko’s Japanese upbringing. Beautiful shapes, radiant colors, idealized images, they exist on her canvas not for their sensual qualities but for spiritual joy. The refinement of the strokes and hues reflect a grace that is as much sought in the Japanese system as in Indian Bhava.

Ratnottama Sengupta 
(Art Critic)

Financial Times, June 2001





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